Donald Ross Memorial Golf Course

BOYNE-Ross-V4 Donald Ross Memorial: Hole #1

Donald Ross Memorial Golf Course

The Donald Ross Memorial  is a composite re-creation of classic golf holes Ross designed in the early part of the century at some of his most renowned courses.

“Our founder, Everett Kircher, had a vision to pay homage to Donald Ross and build a course that included some of his greatest holes from his top courses east of the Mississippi River,” said Bernie Friedrich, Senior Vice President of Golf Operations. “We wanted to also create holes from places that most golfers may not have the opportunity to play, so there was a focus on the private clubs.”

The transformational upgrade of the Donald Ross Memorial Golf Course will continue. In 2021 the BOYNE Golf team, in conjunction with Michigan based course designer Ray Hearn, performed various renovations to the Donald Ross Memorial. The first focus was the first hole (No. 6 Seminole). To give it more of a Florida feel, they added large sand waste areas down the left and right sides of the fairway. The waste area on the right side of the fairway also extends over the 16th hole (No. 10 Pinehurst) and provide a true post-renovation Pinehurst feel. Accurately representing each hole on the Donald Ross Memorial course has always been a priority for us” explained Friedrich. “Today, through technology, CAD, and Google Earth, we are able to gather photos and dimensions to create an even more accurate reproduction of any updates. It is our long-term plan to continue making key renovations to the course and keeping the tradition of Donald Ross alive here at Boyne.”